How 25 Year-Old International Jeweler Godson Created A Luxury Jewelry Brand From Scratch

From curated collections to specialty shops, luxury jewelry has set forth its own destination in Western markets for quite some time. Nevertheless, it is a constantly changing jewelry world; this market segmentation has recently skyrocketed in popularity as it lays tucked away in specialized places around the globe. Lately, I have been noticing new types of luxury fashion hybrid as well as co-branding product offerings. As much as I think it is simply a fad, numbers are proving that several of these new markets are gaining traction. And now, more than ever, with sustainability being a heartfelt concern for many, new methods of remaking what already exists are gaining major traction in the luxury fashion world.

Arguably, there is a fresh crop of entrepreneurs to take in every detail and fulfill the increasing demand in a newly founded marketplace. Godson Umeh, is a 25-year-old British-Nigerian jeweler. He is the founder of Godson jewelryMoreover, he developed unique custom jewelry that has garnered the attention of the Hollywood elite as well as the global selling markets.

How 25 Year-Old International Jeweler Godson Umeh Created A Luxury Jewelry Brand From Scratch

His rich enthusiasm matched with his detailed perfection seemingly launched him into the top tier of a new breed of luxury jewelers. More to the point, nothing was lost in his entrepreneurial path except, perhaps, the lush creativity and artistic planning to adhere to consumer demands. Just as luxury apparel giants such as Armani, Dior, and Louis Vuitton all paid great attention to the transitional times and the new consumer base, the watch and jewelry business is changing as well.

Godson’s journey into becoming an international luxury jeweler began with another business venture that helped him establish the launchpad for his current success. In the past, traditions in jewelry always paired well with the flavorful society du jour. But in the tumultuous spring and summer of 2020, with the spread of the global pandemic, jewelry businesses were forced to evolve from a calm and conservative space to an essential platform ready to handle the remote global market -which has kept cautious entrepreneurs and retailers alike, from economic ruin.

Godson started his career in the sneaker reselling industry by leveraging the power of social media to the best of his advantage. And by having his finger on the pulse, it enabled him to develop an established following as well as form relationships with high-profile clients. These clients fancied Godson’s creativity so much that they often hired him as their personal shopper/stylist. In a sense, it was a tribute to individuality for the contemporary shopper who was actively seeking new product offerings

How 25 Year-Old International Jeweler Godson Umeh Created A Luxury Jewelry Brand From Scratch

Subsequently, his clients began requesting luxury products that went far beyond sneakers— such as Rolex, Yachts, and even Properties. Given the growing demand for luxury products, he soon established a members-only concierge company. Although this was meant to be an expansion of his focus, customer service is truly the hallmark of his brand. He soon grew fond of providing the best service that he could give to his clients—by solely focusing on custom jewelry.

Running the gamut from fine jewels to pre-owned watches, this venerated Godson dedicated more time to developing his very own exclusive products. In a fresh landmark setting, he sought to explore a new frontier with a bold destination in mind. His bespoke jewelry designs were soon catching the attention of consumers seeking something new. Godson insists that the quality of his jewelry is of the highest standards in the market today. In addition, his designs attract a growing number of celebrities as well as a bevy of notable people— from various international markets.

In short, he believes in having come this far, he has already reached strategic goals within the luxury market. Contrary to what most brands set out to do with regard to a marketing plan, Godson strongly believes in the power of customer satisfaction and personal recommendations that carry more weight than public relations or marketing campaigns could ever do for him. That’s not to say Godson doesn’t get involved in some marketing himself. In fact, he has a marketing campaign that has gone viral simply by using the hashtag #GodsonDoesItBetter which displays the level of authenticity, attention to detail, and quality of each custom piece. In fact, when he says that every diamond in his timepiece is going to be VVS1, and the craftsmanship is unparalleled, you can batch a bottom dollar that it will be.

In studying new creative ideas, I truly believe in the ingenuity of new ideas will be the destination in post-pandemic times. Let’s face it, COVID-19 has set the benchmark for a new and exciting way to conduct business.

It seems to me that Godson has found that custom luxury jewelry has to be perfect. Otherwise, there is no point in making it. Everything from the clarity of each diamond to the mechanism contained behind the clasp must be perfect. Today, consumers are seeking perfection.

Today, Godson happily boasts about having his own showroom; situated right in the heart of London. And this is no ordinary showroom. The showroom is more of a personal space allowing visiting customers to feel comfortable while in the heart of London. Additionally, there is an air of exclusivity to this showroom. Each showroom visit has to be made by a personal appointment.

In setting his sights on the future, his strategy is to open up showrooms on a global level. For now, he aims to focus on his clients.

Although times have been tough for the luxury market since the onset of the pandemic, Godson has been fortunate enough to maintain and grow his core business. I think when times are uncertain in business, the best you can do is to support your established client base.

And he is doing just that by reflecting on the past and planning for a bright future!

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