Godson Umeh Reinvents Himself as the Favorite Jeweler Of Football Stars, Celebrities

A British of Nigerian descent, Godson Umeh has continued to rise to the position of top jewelry designer for top football stars as well as the top hip-hop artists and entertainers. Like they say to carry out your vision, you must always have a strategy, but that plan can never be predetermined. You must be ready to adjust and shift your direction at any time. Godson believes that “You must consider every scenario that could result from a plan. How will you maintain your focus among others.”

leonbailey of aston villa custom pendant
Leon Bailey of Aston Villa Custom Pendant

His journey from shoe reselling to founding a jewelry design company epitomizes the London dream and serves as motivation for everyone with business aspirations. In contrast to jewelry manufacture, which is heavily automated and necessitates great technical abilities, much of the jewelry in London is frequently handcrafted, with jewelers personally setting stones.

Umeh soon taught himself how to use these tools after quitting school. He makes it a point to keep up with the most recent developments in technology and procedures, not just for scalability but also to uphold the highest level of work.

Even though Umeh has a big list of famous clients, including football players from various leagues and hip-hop stars like Davido, Grammy Award-winning singer Burna Boy, Zlatan Ibile, and even American Legendary rapper Meek Mill he is still continually coming up with fresh, original jewelry designs as he goes further stamping his brand.

Godson Umeh as the custom jeweller and designer that he is today of the UK has had his own sweet journey so far in his career, and we cannot go without mentioning the kind of strong mental fortitude this young lad has shown in just a few short years to make his name synonymous with success in the ever-so-competitive industry. Born in 1995 in Reading, the UK, and starting everything from scratch to reach where he is today had him face multiple downs before he could rise above them all and create his unique niche with his custom jewels and designs. Godson Umeh today is the man behind “GodsonThePlug,” serving as the proud CEO.

He recalls how it all began for him at 19 years of age when he decided to quit school to explore more things in life and create meaning out of it. Starting from reselling clothes and footwear to gaining success up until he quit school in his business to establishing his own business still as a teenager, he came a long way. Today Godson jewelry is all about offering elite fashion pieces capable of winning hearts and captivating the attention of all. His custom pendants and rings speak for themselves; such is the precision and delicateness with which they are made by this young talent. So far, he has served a long list of clientele, including many celebrities as well like Lawrence Smith, aka Big Larry, and Lil Mosey.

Godson Umeh even attained more buzz for his custom-made jewels like the “ZTTW” chain for Zlatan Ibile, thorne chain for Raheem Sterling, and custom ring for Leon Bailey, apart from serving Darkoo and Konan of the rap duo, Krept, and Konan, among others, all prominent names of their respective fields.



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