Godson Umeh (born 11 September 1995) is a British-Nigerian jewelry designer and entrepreneur. born and raised in London, known for creating handcrafted custom jewellery

Umeh, the second oldest of four children, was born on September 11, 1995, in Reading United Kingdom, to Nigerian immigrant parents. He attended Little Heath School (Reading), before dropping out to pursue a career in fashion

Godson Styling Zlatan
A first-generation jeweler entered the industry at a very young age.
He developed a strong affinity for jewelry at a young age, and his love of hip-hop grew in intensity. Despite the majority of jewelers receiving their start through inheritance or family, he was adamant about making it on his own and was willing to go to any lengths.
Every piece of fine jewelry is created in Godson’s workshop, where he can sit and craft and figure out how each new concept might be realized, every item of fine jewelry is made. Godson’s core values are based on this straightforward connection between the creators. 
With the help of our customized service, customers can design a piece of jewelry or a collection that is really one-of-a-kind. The designers and artisans will use the best methods and materials to bring any commission to life, no matter what the narrative behind it may be. Since then, Godson’s style has tremendously extended and changed. Jewelry that is elegant, distinctive, and ageless is the end product.
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